The Christmas Man and Me: A Prose Poem 

Walking through the busy streets of Manchester, tryna make my way through the crowd,  then I heard a quiet voice shout; Hey love, got any spare change on ya?

Caught off guard, looking at this scruffy bearded man crouched down on the floor looking up at me, I stopped ,dug deep down into my big coat pockets; managed to muster up a bunch of old receipts, half a packet of chewing gum, and an empty Snickers bar wrapper with all the crumbs left behind spilling away into the crevices, now caught in my fingertips.

Sorry mate, I got no change on me, I reluctantly replied.

It’s alright love, thanks for looking anyway, have a nice day!

Cheers mate, you have a nice day too! …. You had much luck…. with it being Christmas an’all? people usually more giving this time of year.

You know, so and so, people come and go,  bit of a show ain’t it? He sarcastically said.

Haha, Yeah we live in a greedy little world; go out spend til’ it takes you round the bend, then go straight back again, spend out foolishly once more…..what a mess with lots of beautiful things, oh the happiness it brings. We all got that bug, it’s a drug!

Oh aye, your right! we all have our own vice, should really think twice. He said.

Aye, funny little world eyh! I hope you have a lovely Christmas.

Thank you my love, your a good’en you are, don’t change, stay true to you. He told me with a warm gaze.

I’ll do my best! I Smiled 🙂 x

Sophia Alisa Ali©


28 thoughts on “The Christmas Man and Me: A Prose Poem 

  1. Wonderful heart-warming story – and it flowed so nicely… until I got to the word “glare” then full stop. Totally wrong word there. Got to get out that old dog-eared thesaurus! A “glare” is when someone is angry at you, or threatening. “stare” might work, but still not right. I’d probably use “gaze.”

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    1. Thank you Sha ‘Tara, for pointing this out, I didn’t notice it, as I typed it using my mobile and it autocorrects and didn’t see it changed the word, my bad sorry, just been a busy week, my heads in a spin 😊 I hope your enjoying the festive day🤗
      Sophia 💕 x


    1. Thank you , for your lovely comment, I’m really glad you like it🤗 I wrote it soon after the conversation, so I could capture the moment as is, I’m really glad it came through in my writings. Thank you, for your comment, I really appreciate it🙌
      Sophia 🙂

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