Hold On: A Piece of Poetry 

Hold on, don’t look back you’ll get caught in the tracks, it’s a trap.

Strap in ,drop the pin, brace yourself it’s a tailspin ,take it on the chin, landed straight in West Berlin, the world is in a spin, patience is wearin’ thin.

Too busy wonderin’ the origins of Mr Kipling and Dr Pepper? maybe they might be related or whatever? Either way they probably been taken aback by Rockefeller, no wonder why Goodfellas want a slice of the ritzy life, the way up is the way down unless you’re starting from ground.

Hold on, we all know what happens to a caterpillar,

Hold on, it’s not long  before we move on.

-Sophia Alisa Ali©


6 thoughts on “Hold On: A Piece of Poetry 

    1. Thank you Charlie, the inspiration behind this was randomness and to see if I can get Mr Kipling and Dr Pepper in the same sentence and make it rhyme 😊 and for it to have some form of significance in the meaning behind it💕 Im glad you liked it🙌

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