Dear Non- Existent Valentine…….

Non-Existent Valentine

1 Love Lane


Tuesday 14th February 2017,

Dear Non- Existent Valentine,

How are you? I hope you are well? I’m not so swell if I’m being honest, all this extra and forced love and affection couples are showing today makes me want to vomit!  Yes I’ll admit it I’m being a cynic, but its every singletons duty and tradition to make it foolish and rubbish Valentine’s Day as something to throw away…. but hey look we have a point, there shouldn’t just be one day to celebrate love, it should be shown and made known everyday! That just proves it’s all made up and here to mess and play with us, to make us think twice if we are living our life right by the code of sheep and sleepless nights, but hey there’s always next year right!?

Either way today is a little shite, well at least I got; me, myself and I… a pizza, can of coke, chocolate and angel delight! That should keep me afloat for the rest of the night… help ease the strain of being a dear in headlights.

I’m sure when I meet the one this Valentine ’s Day thing will be second to none, but until then this day is just not fair or fun!

Well I think I’m about done, I’ve said all I needed to say all in one, so until next year I guess I’ll leave you with this slightly bitter one!

Happy Valentine’s Day and Much Love From,



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