A Sprinkle of Sunshine……..

So we’ve been experiencing some beautiful sunshine here in the U.K., which inspired me to write this little piece, although today it’s been pouring down with rain pretty much all day! Nevertheless this poem is not really about the weather outside it’s more to do with our inner sunshine which is more in our control than we know,  in contrast to the unpredictable weather! Having said that I know some people whose mood is dependent on how it is outside and to an extent I think we all are , for example from my experience when the sun is out I see more people out and about being friendlier, talkative and just generally seem happier. I don’t know if it’s because over here it’s a rare thing to have sunny weather so we tend make the most of every little bit and soak it all up as we know it will soon be gone in a flash! ( like today for example!) I think it just likes to play peekaboo with us, ” now you see me, now you don’t! Ha
Anyway I hope whatever weather your experiencing right now either it be the weather outside or external circumstances that are affecting you (as we all know life comes with its challenges), that you don’t let it take your inner sunshine away! i know it sounds a bit hippy or unrealistic or even hard to do especially when faced with difficult  times, but there is something in our inner self that is the most vital part of what makes us who we are, it really shows are true colours! so best make it colourful I guess!ha

I hope you enjoyed reading this piece!

Much Love,

Sophia Alisa Ali

©2017       sophiaalisaali.com©



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