Winnie the Pooh Wisdom……

Like most tots I use to watch Winnie the Pooh and now looking back I see the amount of wisdom that is in this cartoon that I once thought was cute but silly. It’s weird how when you’re a kid it has a different meaning and when you get older you can see things from a different perspective, (in some cases things become a lot more clear and others its gets a bit fuzzy lol).

And this little statement from WinnIe the Pooh “Some people care too much. I think its called Love”.  This pretty much applies to everyone since by default we naturally are always going to care! It’s just in our nature!  But I guess it’s more about who and what we choose to care about that are the most important things to remember and I suppose learning to prioritise comes with time but also changes with time as we grow and learn more? Well that’s my thought on it anyway! Let me know your thoughts.

Speak soon,

Sophia Alisa Ali x



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