Album Review : (Whats the story) Morning Glory, Oasis: #Music Mondays

So this is first of many music reviews I’ll be doing as part of my Music Mondays! I’ll be reviewing both new and old albums. And to start off with today I’ll be reviewing a classic album that I grew up listening to and that is the second album from Oasis: “(Whats the story) Morning Glory”. I recently bought the actual physical CD to add to my new and growing music collection. The fact that Oasis are originally from Manchester, my home city! Makes me like it even more! Although they are originally from Manchester but probably are a million miles away from living here and a million lives away from living the Mancunian lifestyle from what it seems, however they still very much hold a great place in their home city along with the many of the greats, so I thought this will be a fitting first of many great albums for me to review.

Their second album “(Whats the story) Morning Glory” was released on 2nd October 1995. Its widely recognised that this record is what made them well known on a larger scale from being an indie act to a worldwide rock phenomenon! The album was a product from the independent and now defunct record label A Creation Records, (What’s the story) Morning Glory was produced by Noel Gallagher and Owen Morris at Rockfield studios in Wales. The band at the time consisted of; Liam Gallagher: Lead Vocalist, Noal Gallagher: Lead Guitarist, Co-lead Vocalist, Mellotron, Piano, E Bow and the Principle Songwriter, Paul Arthurs: Rhythm Guitarist, Mellotron and Piano, Paul McGuigan: Bass player and Alan White: Drums and Percussion.

The sound in this album is a lot less raw than their first Album “Defiantly Maybe”. Morning Glory uses a variety of instruments and has more string arrangements especially when it comes to the chorus part of the songs. The chorus of every song on the album are very catchy and stays in your head like a permanent marker, almost like its intuitive……. you know how you hear a song for the very first time yet somehow you already know the lyrics to them? and can sing along to it like you’ve heard it a million times before? its a weird thing but an incredibly common experience in music so I have come to notice anyway, call it osmosis (of oasis) if you will? Ha. But this album defiantly has that affect. Because of the use of the varied instruments and string arrangements it made this album more balladry yet very anthemic at the same time, this combination worked very well for them since with this album they played in massive arenas, around the world, so it suited the sound and atmosphere alike. Everything in this album just seems to balance out in just the right amounts; with the combination of ballerdry and anthemic sound, and with the lyrics expressing quite sad and depressive things but in an uplifting way. Personally I love anything , that’s straight up real and although this album has a lot of embellishments in both sound and lyrical content it still to me has a grounded undertone of some realness and its the closest thing especially at the time to real as you can get and compared to what’s out today this still is very much down to earth and real which is why most likely it will live on. (But if I ever really want straight up real with no disguises I turn to rap music, especially the old school underground stuff! Its the best discovery I’ve ever made! ).

The main vocalists of the band is Liam Gallagher, his vocals  stays very true to his Mancunian roots which signifies a true British sound, which is quite rare in mainstream music, equally back then and even more so nowadays, since its more common for British singers especially those who make it big, that their voices sound very Americanised, usually out of natural habit since most of the music in mainstream that we hear in the UK is American, so its only natural to pick up that sound, but I do love the very few that can stay true to their roots and natural sound that almost replicates their normal speaking voice and Liam Gallagher does this very well and is among the very few that do this with such ease.
As well as loving the sound I actually really like the lyrics to the songs, the main songwriter Noel Gallagher states in the interviews I’ve heard that most of the songs don’t really mean much or anything, which if true then fair play, but from listening to it from both a surface level and intently there is some meaning in each song that he does portray and are quite significant to an extent. I generally would like to know more about the songwriting process, as I find the whole artvery interesting and there’s very little out there about it.

Growing up listening to Oasis I was familiar with most of the songs on the album especially their biggest hit: Wonderwall. Along with that, “Don’t Look Back in Anger”, “Roll With It”, “She’s Electric” and “Supernova”, these where the songs I was most familiar with before I bought the album. And I have to say my new favourites now are “Hey Now” and “Cast no Shadow”. I love the melody of “Hey Now” and how the lead vocalist Liam Gallagher’s voice blends in and moves with the musical melody with real flow and ease , and the first line is pretty epic too“I hitched a ride with my soul by the side of the road” there’s so much that can be made of that line along with another favourite line in this song “times no chain”. I like “Cast no Shadow” because it simply reminds of some of the older homeless men I see out in the streets of Manchester……. you know ’ I always wonder to myself how did they get to that point where they have no one to really turn to? I’ve volunteered in homeless shelters and had great conversation with them and most of them are very eloquent and did have a stable life and careers before it all went…. well down hill I guess, I just found some of their stories fascinating,( well the ones that were being honest with me anyway as quite a lot of them are quite sneaky trying to make you feel sorry for them by making up elaborate yet convincing stories just to try and get some pity money out of you so they can go buy drugs and alcohol, its cheeky and funny when you think about it but also really sad and super disturbing). Anyway, the song really reminds me of them, however after I did a little research into the song, I found that the song was actually written about and dedicated to Richard Ashcroft the lead singer of another band I loved “The Verve”. Now that I know this I love it even more, it such a sweet song, especially the line “ he was bound with the weight of all the words he tried to say”, because it seems that Ashcroft was always misunderstood and to be honest a lot of great and highly intelligent people usually are misunderstood and its nice that other people like Noel can pick up on it and call out as it is!

When it comes to music its the record that lives on, and since Oasis have broken up since 2009, there music still lives on and in my estimation will for a very long time. Though most people say it sounds quite dated now, which I can understand, but it has a ground level value that makes it a timeless piece in my view. And the album wasn’t even aimed at my generation, yet I still know about it and love it and I don’t think I will ever really get tired of listing to it, and I’ve listed to it like a million times already! Its an album I truly love and recommend listening to if you haven’t already.

Sophia Alisa Ali


27 thoughts on “Album Review : (Whats the story) Morning Glory, Oasis: #Music Mondays

    1. Thank you, it’s so much fun not only discovering new music but being able to see old music I love in a new way. I’m glad you now know about them I’m pretty sure you will love them when you hear them, if you do get a chance to , do let me know what you think of them🙂 🎶 I can’t wait to share more music with you 🎶


      1. I do enjoy hearing music from a few years back just because they have more life and meaning. Nowadays the songs are all rap and hard to understand. I love the song Morning Glory- Oasis. Thanks to you I have found a new band to enjoy hearing in the morning.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Awww Thank you🙂 well I’m currently preparing my next post for Music Monday🎶I’m positive you will not only like this next great artist but love them, its hard not to since they have such a great personality as well as awesome songs! Can’t wait for you to see🤗🎶


  1. I love this review. To me Oasis (What’s the story Morning Glory) is their best album of all time. They hit they mark on this album as I remember when they came out in 1995. I was in middle school and man…did I own this album and still have it today.

    I recommend doing a music review of ‘Nine Inch Nails’ The Downward Spiral. It’s my favorite album of all time and that album and Trents voice saved my life. I love Nine Inch Nails and grew up listening to their music. 🙂

    It’s good to be back…by the way…surprise on my blog. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for the recommendation ! I’ve heard of the Nine Inch Heels but never looked into it, I definitely will now! Wow that Album saved your life! I can’t wait to hear it, it’s got to be epic! And I’m glad you are feeling much better about life now🙂
      And Thank you I’m really glad you like this review, its first of many🙂 it’ sure is great Album to own!

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      1. It’s Nine Inch Nails not Heels. hahahaha!!!

        Here’s the whole Album of ‘Nine inch Nails’ The Downward Spiral:

        Trust me…don’t skip a single song…This whole album is a classic and a masterpiece.

        Something with Nirvana’s Nevermind. That album you don’t skip. So, with NIN you don’t skip a single song. It’s all damn good and really gut wrenching…you’ll be blown away and it will change you.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Oops, sorry how embarrassing😳 lol In my defence I am dyslexic🙂 lol btw when I read your comment correcting me I literally burst out laughing, that is so typical of me to not only get names all mixed up, but to something so bizarre as thinking a cool rock band will call themselves Nine Inch Heels! Lol 😂 like seriously I didn’t even think twice about it! Haha
        Thanks for the link, I will make sure to listen to it the whole way through! Can’t wait to hear it! 😊

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    1. It’s definitely one of my favourites too! Most people know Oasis through this Album, I know I did, and then I ventured to see their other works, like you I have to say this is by far my all time favourite album from them. And thank you, I’m glad you like it! 🙂 x

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  2. i totally love Oasis too! I know what you mean, even though the band broke up, their music is timeless. My favorite song of theirs is Wonderwall, I can’t wait to check out this album

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yh it’s a great tune! The Album does have that almost timeless factor to it yet it has a slight vintage sound which I really like 🎶🙂 x if you do get chance to listen to whole album, let me know if you have a new favourite 🎶😊 x


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