Ordinary Hearts {Poetry Piece} + Valentine’s + Notes


When I was writing this poem I realised my posting schedule happens to fall on the same day as Valentine’s Day, so I was unsure if I should hold off on this poem and write one specifically dedicated to Valentine’s Day instead? But then I didn’t want to force a poem I didn’t particularly want to write, so I remembered a somewhat sarcastic but realistic poem I’d written about a previous Valentine’s Day; I have to say it really did make me chuckle and giggle quite a bit when reading it back after such a long time (sometimes I do wonder what I write at times!ha) and ironically enough that poem is still relate-able today , so you know what I’ll be doing this Valentine’s! ! Ha, but i kind of like it like this for now, as I find a sense of joy and freedom from it,  and I am far more optimistic and happy about this day than when I wrote it.   So to acknowledge this day here is a link to an older poem I wrote on the theme of valentines, titled “Dear Non-Existent Valentines” 

Oh and this morning when i was getting ready I naturally gravitated towards this jacket which I thought was more than appropriate for this day of Love we celebrate today and every year!

Maybe next year I will write something more… well more Valentiny! Ha

But for now Ordinary Hearts is the poem I wanted to write and share today as its is a more of a real everyday poem that i always like to read, well hey one has to be true to thy self as they say! Anyway I wrote Ordinary Hearts when I came home yesterday after getting drenched in the rain, it pretty much rained all day here in the North West of England on Tuesday, which makes a change from the regular and random flutters of light snow we’ve been receiving lately. So as I got home I grabbed a towel from the kitchen radiator to pat dry my hair, and the radio was on, playing one of my favourite songs, and it just sent me into deep thought, and I remembered a conversation I had with a friend of how sometimes when we think things are falling apart they’re actually falling into place, and its so true! Well that’s what i think anyway! What are your thought on this subject?

And I hope you are having a lovely Valentines Day too!

Kind Regards,

Sophia x

Email: Sophia.alisa.ali1@gmail.com


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