New Music I’m Loving This Week!

So this week, I have come across some great new songs I’m loving at the moment.  I have a mixture of commercially successful artists that you will most likely already be familiar with as well as some new and/or DIY Artist that you may not have heard before, but I am sure you will also love them just as much as I do once you hear them. Some of the songs I have been kindly sent by the artists themselves which I have mentioned which ones they are, and others I have found on my own. I hope you enjoy this week’s picks. And just to note there are so many great new songs out at the moment but I can’t realistically fit them all into one post, but I really wanted to share these ones this week. Continue reading New Music I’m Loving This Week!


Album Review : (Whats the story) Morning Glory, Oasis: #Music Mondays

So this is first of many music reviews I’ll be doing as part of my Music Mondays! I’ll be reviewing both new and old albums. And to start off with today I’ll be reviewing a classic album that I grew up listening to Continue reading Album Review : (Whats the story) Morning Glory, Oasis: #Music Mondays