New Music I’m Loving This Week!

So this week, I have come across some great new songs I’m loving at the moment.  I have a mixture of commercially successful artists that you will most likely already be familiar with as well as some new and/or DIY Artist that you may not have heard before, but I am sure you will also love them just as much as I do once you hear them. Some of the songs I have been kindly sent by the artists themselves which I have mentioned which ones they are, and others I have found on my own. I hope you enjoy this week’s picks. And just to note there are so many great new songs out at the moment but I can’t realistically fit them all into one post, but I really wanted to share these ones this week. Continue reading New Music I’m Loving This Week!


New Music Wednesday: First Post

So recently I’ve been loving doing my #MusicMondays which has been mainly picking songs from the past that I remember and then looking into and reviewing the album it came from, which I really enjoy doing and will continue to do every Monday. However, I also want to explore and find new music out there right now, as there are so many awesome new songs yet to be heard.  Continue reading New Music Wednesday: First Post